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Newly released Rapid Fire EM- Student Edition now available! 


**Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, printing and shipping of the Rapid Fire EM- Student Edition has been delayed up to 25 days.





     As a medical resident, we know your time is in high demand. That’s why we created Rapid Fire EM-resident edition. We cut the “fluff” to deliver the high-yield most commonly tested facts in a way that saves time and improves memory recall. The amount of time it would take to review the same amount of information contained within Rapid Fire EM-resident edition would be 100s of hours in any other review resource.  As a resident it is crucial to review all of the critical facts at a minimum of once a year to stay on track. Rapid Fire EM-resident edition allows residents to review the essential facts not once but multiple times a year in the shortest amount of time possible. Use Rapid Fire EM-resident edition for yearly review, preparation for your yearly resident in-training exam, and passing the written ABEM board exam.





     Are you a medical, PA, or NP student preparing for your emergency medicine rotation?  Rapid Fire EM-student edition is great for those looking for a quick and easy resource that is straight to the point for their emergency medicine rotation. Rapid Fire EM-student edition is the most comprehensive, simplified review tool on the market, helping you understand the high-yield facts you need to know to stand out, and score well on your end of rotation exam. For medical students pursuing an emergency medicine residency check out the Rapid Fire EM-resident edition for the only  resource that you can use from your first EM rotation, throughout your residency, for board certification, and your career!

     Are you a physician assistant or nurse practitioner currently working or pursuing a career in emergency medicine? With its concise delivery and proven question-answer format, Rapid Fire EM will easily teach you the facts you need to know to deepen your understanding of emergency medicine and become the desirable candidate employers are looking for.





     Want a quick and easy clinical refresher without having to spend hundreds of hours in review books or at review conference? Rapid Fire EM-resident edition is as much for emergency medicine attendings as it is for residents and students. As an attending, your schedule is demanding. Rapid Fire EM-resident edition was created with you in mind. We cut the “fluff” and compiled the high-yield facts into a one-stop resource for you. Join your fellow attendings around the country in using the Rapid Fire EM-resident edition as a ConCert preparation resource.  Use it to quiz, develop, and prepare your students and residents for their futures in emergency medicine. Or, reference it's quick and easy question-answer format to stay sharp on the high-yield facts.

Resident and Student Reviews

"Best emergency medicine in-training preparation resource"

"Top notch emergency medicine board review book"

"A great book for emergency medicine board review"

"An easy book to use for your emergency medicine rotation"

"Direct to the point information you need to know in emergency medicine"

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